Strategic Public Relations

Media Relations and Public Relations

Crafting relevant messages for media and stakeholders defines how you will be perceived by those you hope to reach. We’ll leverage our relationships within traditional and new media channels to share your story in the right way with the right people. Additionally, your relationships within the communities where you do business are critical to shaping the public perception of your brand. We’ll help you build those relationships that align with your strategic goals.

Public Affairs and Issue Advocacy

Issue advocacy is all about education and engagement. We help educate voters, customers, constituents on what your issue can mean to them. We also help you communicate clear messages to help drive public opinion so that elected officials and stakeholders understand why your issue should matter to them. We are not lobbyists, but we work with your lobbyists to engage stakeholders on communications and grassroots initiatives for targeted legislative and regulatory campaigns.

Corporate Communications

Business communication can be a language of its own. How you communicate with employees, customers, shareholders and community leaders is a critical component of how you are perceived. How you describe yourself, your culture and your operations is often the first impression you can make. Let us help ensure that impression is a positive one.

Crisis Management

Unexpected challenges arise, so you have to be prepared. In your time of need, we’ll be there to help you clear the hurdles. In the meantime, we’ll help you prepare for what might happen and how to effectively execute a plan of action.

Speaking Opportunities & Awards

The best way for your customers and stakeholders to learn about what you do is often to let them hear you communicate the message directly. Conference panels, speaking opportunities and industry awards provide real, tangible benefits to build your brand and showcase the accomplishments of your team. We’ll effectively position you in front of new audiences to sell your brand.

Brand Marketing & Website Development

Working with our strategic partners, we’ll build a branding strategy to effectively position your organization in front of those who matter to you. Sometimes that means taking a new approach to managing your reputation, or it may mean starting from scratch and reinventing your brand.

Content Development

We’re writers. If you need content created, we’ll deliver it. From press releases and blog entries to one-pagers and social media posts, we keep your end goal in mind while generating fresh and targeted content.

About Us

Bar Communications is a strategic public relations and public affairs firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our focus is centered on helping clients reach consumers, businesses, elected officials and opinion leaders in the Midwest with a focused and strategic message.

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